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    1 QUANTTA-Quantum AI solution for the Travelling Tournament Problem PI-Kalpita Ajinkya Wagaskar 2019-20
    2 Automatic Detection and Classification of Retinal Lesions in Diabetic Retinopathy using Deep Learning PI- Mayura Harshal Gavhane
    3 Counterfeit drug tracking using block chain PI-Shainila Mulla
    4 Braille Plus : A Smart Refreshable Display for Visually Impaired PI : Dr. Amiya Kumar Tripathy and CO-PI : Ms. Mayura Gavhane 2017-18
    5 Chili Plant Disease Detection Using Thermal Imaging Techniques PI : Ms. Ditty Varghese and CO-PI : Ms. Shafaque Fatma Syed
    6 Gesture Controlled Virtual Reality Based Conferencing Ms.Kadambari Deherkar
    7 IOT for Resource-Constraints and Emergent users using Physical Web Ms. Dipti Jadhav
    8 Personalized Assistant Mirror Ms. Priya Kaul
    9 Near Real time air pollution monitoring and analysis using cloud based GIS PI : Ms. Sana Shaikh and CO-PI : Ms. Nilakshi Joshi 2016-17
    10 Computer Assist For Paralyzed using EEG PI : Ms. Kalpita Wagaskar
    and CO-PI : Ms. Sejal Chopra
    11 Gesture Aided Speech PI : Dr. Amiya Tripathy
    and CO-PI : Dipti jadhav
    12 Mind Controlled Wheelchair using an EEG Headset and Arduino Microcontroller PI : Mr. Imran Mirza
    and CO-PI : Ms. Sejal Chopra
    13 Near Real Time Monitoring of autistic Children. PI : Ms. Nilakshi Joshi
    and CO-PI : Ms. Uma Sahu
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