Sr.NoWorkshop/ Training ProgramAcademic Year Report
1 Network Threats 2022-23 View
2 Network Simulator for Wireless Scenarios View
3 Application of Digital Circuits in real-time View
1 Google Workspace Demonstration 2021-22 View
2 Data Analytics and Security Mechanisms for service change View
3 Basic of IPR & Indian Patent Filing View
4 Ease Yourself with Yoga View
5 Motivation, Stress and Impact of Online Teaching on Teachers mental health
during COVID-19
1 ML Trends in 2021 2020-21 View
2 Docker - A Quick Start View
3 Panel Discussion on ‘Life Post Covid’ View
4 Software Career options: Mastering the digital transformation journey View
5 Fighting Financial Crime using AI View
6 Language Acquisition with AI Agents in ImmersiveEnvironments. View
7 Mobile Forensics: Opportunities and Challenges View
8 Digital Agriculture with AI and Image Processing View
9 Boosting Employability Post Covid View
10 Lean Product Development with Design Thinking View
11 Road Map to BE Project View
12 Leverage the intelligence of Cloud Computing View
1 Session on Interactive Learning through Google Forms  2019-20 View
2 Create resume using Google Site View

Amortized Analysis And Randomized And Probabilistic Algorithms & Applications

 4 Big Data Analytics: Information Security Perspective View
5 Digital Forensics: Practical Methodology and Tools View
6 Tableau Workshop View
7 AI and its Applications and opportunities in Industry


8 BDA Orientation View
9 MIS Orientation View
2 STTP on Machine Learning Applications for Spatio Temporal Data
3 Aspiring Entrepreneurship Workshop View 
4 Dealing with Failures and Stress View
Third Year Counselling View
6 Workshop on Distributed File Systems View
1 DSP, Connaissance 2016 2016-17 View
2 Soft Skills, Connaissance 2016 View
3 Soft Computing View
4 Team Building and Collaboration View
5 APP Development using IONIC Framework View
1 Aspiring Entrepreneurs Workshop 2015-16 View
1 Aspiring Entrepreneurs Workshop 2014-15 View
1 Entrepreneurship Workshop 2013-14 View
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